The C3 line-up

* Style, quality and refinement * No stability control as standard * On sale January, from 10,800...

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What Car? Staff
14 October 2009

The best sellers are likely to be the 75bhp or 95bhp 1.4s, both in VTR+ trim. At around 12,700 and 13,200 respectively, they should be slap bang in between the price of similarly powered Fiestas (more expensive) and Polos (surprisingly cheaper).

When discounts are taken into account, we'd expect the Citron to be considerably cheaper than both. Running costs and emissions are much of a muchness among all superminis these days none has a clear advantage.

Citron will be selling an eco version of the C3, too. Badged Airdream+, it'll offer around 75mpg and just 99g/km of CO2, making it road tax free. Also coming next year are stop/start versions and automatics.

All in all, the C3 looks like another great car from Citron. Whether its greatness extends to troubling the Fiesta and Polo remains to be seen when we get the final specifications and prices, and drive it in the UK.

Our verdict
Stylish, well-built and easy-going small car