How to get the best deal on a new car in 2019

If you’re thinking of starting 2019 by getting behind the wheel of a new car, follow our tips to get the most suitable car at the best price...

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19 December 2017

How to get the best deal on a new car in 2018
How to get the best deal on a new car in 2018

4 – How will you pay for it?

Very few people pay for a car in cash, especially if it’s an expensive new one, but there are lots of different financing options.

Personal contract purchase (PCP) deals are the most popular form of finance with private buyers because the monthly payments are generally cheaper than those of any other form of finance. Thanks to low interest rates and manufacturer deposit contributions, they may also be the cheapest way to buy if you want to own the car, too.

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5 – Go for a test drive

Once you have a shortlist of cars, it’s important to give each one a try. Offset pedals, limited head or leg room or a pokey boot are just some of the things you won’t discover until you experience a car first hand.

A test drive at a local dealership is also an opportunity to haggle with the sales staff for a discount or extra equipment on the car. If you’ve done your research beforehand, you could even print off the best deal you’ve found online and ask the dealer to match it.

How to get the best deal on a new car in 2018

Make sure you fully understand all the documentation concerning the sale before you commit to buying the car. Then agree on a delivery date that suits you and get it in writing in case there’s a delay.

It’s also important to arrange car insurance in advance, and you may want to take out Gap Insurance to cover the cost of a replacement vehicle if yours is written off or stolen in the first three years.

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7 – Take delivery of your new car

Taking delivery of your new car is exciting, but it’s also a time to stay level-headed and check that the car’s specification matches what you ordered – it’s far quicker and easier to get any omissions rectified straight away than having to come back to the dealer later.

Even if the car is new, check the bodywork and wheels for scratches or small dents because it could have been damaged while being prepared for sale.

Finally, don’t forget that the buyer is now required to purchase car tax (VED) for any vehicle, so be ready to do this.

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