2019 BMW 3 Series verdict

An all-new BMW 3 Series will go on sale next year, and we've been for an early...

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Matt Saunders
15 August 2017

2019 BMW 3 Series verdict

The 3 Series has never been too far from the sharp end of the executive saloon market for driver appeal – assuming you’d ticked the right boxes on the options list. But the competitive instinct has a habit of bringing out the best in car makers, and on this evidence it seems to be propelling one of the most driver-focused executive cars back to the height of its powers. The new 3 Series should be a more enticing and exciting car to drive than its predecessor, and it won’t rely on expensive optional equipment in order to be at its dynamic best. That’s good news from a value-for-money standpoint.

It’s much too early to proclaim anything for certain, but don’t be surprised if the likes of Audi, Mercedes, Jaguar and Alfa Romeo end up with a very tough act to follow when the latest – and potentially greatest – 3 Series arrives later this year.

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2019 BMW 330i M Sport

Price £37,000 Engine 4cyl, 1998cc, turbo, petrol Power 255bhp at 5500rpm (tbc) Torque 295lb ft at 2000rpm (tbc) Gearbox 8-spd automatic 0-62mph na Top speed 155mph Official economy na CO2, tax band na