BMW M4 vs Lexus RC-F

Lexus has made a muscle car to take on the mighty BMW M4. Is sheer brawn going to be enough, though?...

BMW M4 vs Lexus RC-F
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14 Oct 2015 19:00

What are they like inside?

Despite their sweeping coupé shapes, both cars provide enough space for tall adults to sit comfortably up front. The Lexus RC-F has more head and leg room, but the BMW M4 is big enough for all but the lankiest of drivers, and it has slightly more shoulder room.

The rear seats of most sporty coupés are cramped, so it’s hardly surprising that neither car offers much in the way of rear leg room, especially if there’s someone tall sitting up front. Ultimately, though, the M4 has more head, leg and shoulder room, so it’s better for those occasions when you need to carry more than one other person.

BMW M4 vs Lexus RC-F

You’ll fit more into the M4’s boot, too. On paper, it offers nearly 80 litres more space, and the fact that it’s considerably wider explains why. Unlike the RC-F, the M4’s rear seats also split 60/40 and fold almost flat to open up the space, making it possible to carry much longer items.

It’s easy to find a comfortable driving position in both cars because there’s plenty of reach and height adjustment in the steering, along with electric adjustment for the front seats. Forward visibility is similarly good in both cars, although their coupé styling makes it relatively tricky to see over your shoulder when reversing. 

The climate control switches in both cars are within easy reach,  but the M4’s more traditional rotary dials and buttons are easier to use than the Lexus’s quirky touch-sensitive sliders.

BMW M4 vs Lexus RC-F

The same goes for BMW’s iDrive infotainment system, which is still the best on the market. The bright, crisp screen is controlled using a rotary dial between the front seats, which makes navigating the easy-to-understand menus a doddle. Meanwhile, the Lexus’s system is controlled using a touchpad. It sounds easy enough, but in practice it’s hard to use accurately while you’re driving and is comparatively distracting.

There’s little to separate the cars for interior quality; both have solid dashboards, but the M4 edges the RC-F with slightly more premium-feeling materials and more soft-touch surfaces throughout.

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