BMW M4 vs Lexus RC-F

Lexus has made a muscle car to take on the mighty BMW M4. Is sheer brawn going to be enough, though?...

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14 October 2015

BMW M4 vs Lexus RC-F

What will they cost?

Just £935 separates the brochure prices of these coupés, but you can haggle almost £6000 off the price of the BMW M4, whereas you'll struggle to get much more than £1600 off the Lexus RC-F.

Running costs won’t be cheap, whichever car you choose, but again the M4 has the advantage, because it holds onto more of its value over three years, offers better real-world fuel economy and is cheaper to insure.

The M4’s more favourable CO2 emissions mean it’s also the cheaper of the two for Benefit-in-Kind tax, although few people will be permitted to run either of these coupés as their company car.

BMW M4 vs Lexus RC-F

Standard equipment is as generous as you’d expect. Both cars get alloy wheels, climate control, electric windows, heated and electrically adjustable leather seats, front and rear parking sensors, satellite-navigation, a DAB radio, xenon headlights and Bluetooth as standard. 

Safety and security kit is reasonable, with a tyre pressure-monitoring system, an alarm and engine immobiliser standard on both cars. The RC-F has more airbags (eight vs six), but isn’t available with autonomous emergency braking, whereas you can add this important safety feature to the M4.