Our cars: BMW i3 and Mini Cooper

The BMW i3 is becoming more useable thanks to improvements in charging infrastructure, while the Mini has a worrying smell coming from the air-conditioning.

Words ByAaron Smith

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An article image
An article image

Every day we take a look at a selection of the cars we live with on a day-to-day basis. Today we take a look at the BMW i3 and the Mini Cooper.

New charging points are popping up all over the country to help with the increase in electric vehicles. As a result, John McIlroy, our director of testing, is finding the BMW i3 easier to live with on a daily basis. However, with the i3's farewell trip to Northern Ireland just six days away, the scale of the challenge is beginning to set in. Click here to read why John's feeling anxious.

Deputy production editor Mel Falconer has been overwhelmed by a nasty smell emanating from the Mini Cooper's air vents. It's so potent the car has been sent to the dealer. To find out more on the matter, click here.

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