How to spec a BMW 3 Series

Our guide to BMW's award-winning executive saloon covers which version to go for, which options to choose and how much to pay for it all...

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At the most recent What Car? Car of the Year Awards, we named the BMW 3 Series as our favourite executive car for the second year running. While the car itself was the same, however, this year the 320d diesel was no longer our pick; instead, we went for the 330e plug-in hybrid.

Why? Well, thanks to the 330e's partly electric power, you'll benefit from significantly lower tax bills, without losing the involving drive that the 3 Series has become known for. 

Choose M Sport trim and most of your equipment needs will already be catered for, because luxuries including sat-nav, Apple CarPlay, heated leather seats and 18in alloy wheels already come as standard. We think there's room to add more luxury without blowing your budget, though, so here's what we'd choose from the options list.