June 2022 new car sales revealed: who were the winners and losers?

The SMMT has released new figures showing which cars UK buyers ordered the most of last month. Here are the 10 biggest-selling car models so far in 2022...

Dealership featuring Mercedes E-Class
Dealership featuring Mercedes E-Class

New car sales in June 2022 were down 24.3% compared with the same month in 2021, with 140,958 new cars leaving showrooms, according to official figures. That made last month the worst June for car sales since 1996.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has attributed the slump to the limited supply of semiconductor chips used to make cars. The shortage has been exacerbated by Covid restrictions in China, where many car parts are made.

This has increased how long buyers have to wait for new cars, and has prompted some brands to slim their range of engines and options as a result. For example, Mini recently suspended production of manual versions of its three and five-door hatchbacks.

Other challenges such as the increase in the cost of living are likely to have dampened sales further. Dramatic rises in household and fuel bills preventing people from making significant purchases, such as a new car.

However, record high petrol and diesel prices are thought to have caused an increase in sales of electric cars – with 22,737 leaving showrooms in June, up 14.6% compared with June 2021. Of note is the fact that the 22,737 electric car sales in June outnumber those of plug-in hybrids (7714) and regular hybrids (14,978) combined.

So, which were the biggest selling car models in June 2022? Below, we count down the top 10 best-sellers.