The 10 most popular cars in the UK right now

The UK's new car market fell again in April, with diesel cars bearing the brunt of the decline, but who were the big winners? Here, we look at the cars you've been buying more than any others...

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07 May 2019

Nissan Qashqai, Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa, Mercedes A-Class

The number of new cars sold in the UK fell in April compared with the same month in 2018. With 161,064 new cars registered, this marks the second-lowest April volume since 2012.

Diesel cars again took one of the largest falls, with April sales down by more than 9% on the previous year. Across the first four months of 2019, sales of diesel-engined cars are down by more than 18%. Conversely, sales of petrol-engined cars have risen by 4.2% in the same period.

Sales of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric cars, meanwhile, grew by almost 13% in April compared with the same month in 2018, but such cars still account for just 5.9% of all those sold so far this year. Within those numbers, however, sales of plug-in hybrid cars have fallen by more than a fifth across 2019 – something the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders puts down to the Government's removal of the plug-in car grant for cars that can cover fewer than 70 miles under electric power.

Across different vehicle categories, it was small hatchbacks and family cars that were worst hit by April's slow sales, while SUVs continue to rise. 

Below and over the next few pages, we'll look at the 10 best-selling cars in April.

The top 10 sellers for April 2019

10. Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai Tucson main

Hyundai's family SUV counts the big-selling Nissan Qashqai and the excellent Seat Ateca among its key rivals, so the stakes couldn't be higher. We've been impressed with its spacious interior and the fact that you get a lot of equipment as standard. Hyundai offers an impressive five-year, unlimited-mileage warranty too.

April sales 2702

What Car? rating: Rated 3 out of 5

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9. Vauxhall Corsa

Vauxhall Corsa

It may be getting on a bit, but there’s still plenty to like about the Corsa, including its spacious interior, its keen pricing and the fact that you get a lot of kit as standard. An all-new model is coming later this year.

April sales 2728

What Car? rating: Rated 2 out of 5

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8. Volkswagen Tiguan

Volkswagen Tiguan

The Tiguan has to compete with the class-leading Volvo XC40, and with other prestige-badged rivals from the likes of Audi, BMW and Mercedes. However, it makes a good case for itself with a big boot and a strong range of engines.

April sales 2822

What Car? rating: Rated 4 out of 5

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