New Skoda Kodiaq vs Kia Sorento vs Mazda CX-5

Large SUVs usually come with an equally large price tag, but the new Skoda Kodiaq promises to fix that while offering seating for seven. How does it compare to the current class leaders?...

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What Car? team
03 February 2016

What will they cost?

The majority of private buyers will opt for a finance agreement rather than paying for the whole car upfront. Put down a £5000 deposit on a three-year personal contract purchase (PCP) deal, and the Mazda CX-5 will cost you the least in monthly repayments (£335) followed by the Skoda Kodiaq (£370). It’s a whopping £450 for the Kia Sorento on the same terms, however, which includes a limit of 10,000 miles annually. Payments will rise slightly on all three cars if you want a higher mileage cap.

New Skoda Kodiaq vs Kia Sorento vs Mazda CX-5

It’s the same podium order for company car drivers. The CX-5 will cost you the least each month in benefit-in-kind (BIK) tax, thanks to it having the lowest list price and lowest CO2 emissions. If you pay 40% tax, it will cost an extra £33 ofyour salary each month to run the Kodiaq, but again the Sorento is by far the priciest choice, adding a further £44 to that monthly bill.

We weren’t able to subject any of our contenders to our real-world True MPG fuel economy tests, but according to their official figures, the CX-5 is fractionally the most fuel efficient, followed closely by the Kodiaq. Unsurprisingly, being the heaviest and most powerful car here, the Sorento will cost you the most at the forecourt.

New Skoda Kodiaq vs Kia Sorento vs Mazda CX-5

All three cars come with alloy wheels, climate control, sat-nav, rear parking sensors and cruise control as standard. The Sorento is the only car that doesn’t get keyless start, but on the plus side it’s the only one with standard leather upholstery and heated seats all round. The Kodiaq does get heated front seats, though, and is the only car here with an electric tailgate.

When it comes to safety, the CX-5 and Sorento have both been awarded five stars by Euro NCAP, while the Kodiaq is yet to be tested. Disappointingly, the Sorento is the only one of these SUVs that lacks automatic emergency braking (AEB). In fact, you can’t even add it as an option. The Kodiaq is available with more advanced safety systems than its rivals if you’re prepared to pay the extra. Blind spot monitoring, driver fatigue sensors and road sign recognition are all on the options list.