The 10 most common cars on UK roads

Have you ever wondered which cars are Britain's favourites? Here, we list the models that are out there in the biggest numbers...

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According to official figures, the number of vehicles on UK roads rose to over 40 million last year, with 35,148,045 of those being cars. That's quite a hefty number – the equivalent of one each for more than half the UK's total population.

But which are Britain's favourite cars? Here, we name the 10 most commonly seen cars on UK roads in a list that includes a number of small cars, family cars and even a family SUV.

While some names on the list might surprise you, some of them have spanned multiple generations, even being on sale in the UK since the 1970s. So, in every case, we'll also disclose the year the car was originally launched.

Of course, along the way we'll also give details on the newest version of each car, which includes links to our New Car Buying service and reviews.