Volkswagen confirms new Tiguan for 2016 and plans for more small SUVs

Tech chief confirms that work is underway to work out whether there is demand for SUV versions of Up, Polo and Golf...

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Mark Tisshaw
13 January 2015

Volkswagen has revealed plans to look at the feasibility of launching SUV models in every segment smaller than the Touareg.

Speaking to Autocar at the Detroit Motor Show, Volkswagen tech chief Heinz-Jacob Neusser revealed that first up would be a new Tiguan next year, the appearance of which is closely previewed by the Cross Coupe GTE concept, currently on display at the show. He also revealed feasibility work is underway on a Golf-based SUV, a Polo-based SUV, and potentially a smaller SUV based on the Up, a model previewed by the Taigun concept first seen in 2012.

"It’s a question of how small we go," said Neusser. "Is it sufficient to go as low as a Polo? Or is there a market to go smaller? We will study it, and it’s up for discussion. The Polo will be the minimum size we go down to."

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