2022 Ford Focus ST Mountune m365 verdict and specs

Tuning firm Mountune gives the Ford Focus ST hot hatch more power than the pricier Volkswagen Golf R - for less than the price of a Clubsport. We've tested the Focus ST m365 to see how good it is...

Ford Focus ST Mountune m365


If you want the most thrilling package that offers the most bang for your buck, the Ford Focus ST Mountune m365 will be happy to oblige.  The Mountune m365 upgrade livens up the standard ST and ramps up the pace for a relatively small price. We have no doubt that you could use it every day, but it could become a test of discipline as you're often forced to reign in the power – and that might become tiresome after a while. 

If you’ve tried to sleep after too many energy drinks on a night out, you’ll immediately relate to the m365 experience – it’s incredible fun in the moment, but leaves you struggling to switch off afterwards. As a result, we feel this is one for the uncompromising and dedicated owner. We reckon the boost in performance will be best experienced by those taking their Focus ST on track instead, or mainly using it as a weekend toy.

If that all sounds a little frantic for your needs, there is a cheaper Mountune m330 upgrade pumping out 325bhp that could be a better balance of performance and everyday usability. It also requires fewer upgraded parts. 

What Car? rating 3 stars out of 5

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Ford Focus ST Mountune m365

Price £35,923 Engine 4cyl, 2261cc, turbo, petrol Power 360bhp at 5550rpm Torque 413lb ft at 3500rpm Gearbox Six-speed manual 0-62mph sub-5.0sec (est) Top speed 155mph+ (est) Economy 35.3mpg (WLTP, standard model) CO2, tax band 183g/km, 37%

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