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From nimble hatchbacks to stylish SUVs, and exciting sports cars to practical estates – this is where you'll find every model that has earned our highest road test rating...

5-star cars

It's not every day that we give out a five-star road test rating, because any car that earns this is judged to be outstanding in almost every respect.

To get five stars, a car must beat its rivals at the things that matter most to potential buyers (for example, performance and handling for a sports car, or practicality and comfort in an SUV) without disappointing in less crucial areas.

In this story, we'll look at each type of car, taking you through every model that has been awarded five stars and is still on sale. To find out more about a particular car or see how much you could save on it by using our free New Car Buying service, just click on the relevant link.

Honda Jazz 2021 front

The latest Jazz is proof that a small car can feel big inside, because it's simply bursting with space. As well as this family friendly practicality, though, the latest Jazz has the potential to lower your fuel bills thanks to its hybrid technology, and it comes with lots of standard kit. It's our class champion in the small car market.

Seat Leon 2021 nose

Welcome to our reigning Family Car of the Year, the Seat Leon. It's great to drive, has lots of space for your family and all of their luggage, and is well equipped to boot. We think the 1.5-litre TSI petrol engine will suit most buyers the best, and this offers plenty of pep while also keeping running costs sensible.

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Skoda Octavia

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Skoda Octavia 2021 nose

Few cars in any class are as practical as the Octavia; indeed, you can fit more into the Skoda's boot than you can in many far larger cars. What's more, the Octavia is smartly finished, generously equipped and very well priced. It's a great all-rounder.

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Skoda Scala

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Skoda Scala front

You might think it odd that Skoda felt the need to introduce the Scala when it already had the Octavia in its range, but the Scala is aimed at those after something a bit smaller and cheaper. And while it is both of those things, it's still very practical and, crucially, doesn't feel remotely cheap, either inside or in term of the way it drives.

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Hot hatches

Ford Fiesta ST

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2018 Ford Fiesta ST passenger ride review - price, specs and on sale date

When it comes to hot hatches, anyone with circa-£20k to spend should have the Fiesta ST at the very top of their shortlist. It's way more exciting to drive than the Volkswagen Polo GTI and better value for money, too.

Honda Civic Type R 2021 front cornering

Up the budget, and you can step into the driver's seat of the Honda Civic Type R. It offers awesome performance and precise handling, yet is also a practical and comfortable everyday car. The current Type R is now off sale ahead of a pending facelift, so if you want to buy one now you'll likely have to choose from a stock car.

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Toyota GR Yaris

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Toyota GR Yaris 2021 front right cornering

Fast, fun and relatively affordable, the GR Yaris is our favourite hot hatchback because it perfectly sums up this class. It's outrageous fun to drive, feels perfectly suited to UK roads and is even comfortable enough to use as your daily driver, provided you can live with a few practicality compromises. Go for the optional Circuit Pack to get the most of out it, though. It's also worth bearing in mind that if you order one now, you'll likely face a lengthy wait because of the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage.

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