The best cars in every class revealed - and the worst

Looking for your next new car? Well, we've gathered together the best models of every sort, and named the ones to avoid...

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In an epsiode of The Simpsons that poked fun at our consumer society, Marge and Apu visit a new supermarket. Called Monstromart, it offers them a virtually unlimited choice of products on shelves that reach up like skyscrapers, while the store’s slogan is ‘Where shopping is a baffling ordeal’.

Sadly, buying a new car often feels very similar. The vast number of models on sale these days undoubtedly increases the chances of you being able to have something that’s perfect for your needs, but it can also make life horribly confusing. And that’s where this story comes in.

We've named the best cars in every class, as well as the ones to avoid at all costs. If you want to know more about any of the models recommended or to see what discounts are available through our free New Car Buying service, just click on the relevant links.