Ranked: the home charging times of every electric car on sale

CHAdeMO, CCS, Type-1, RFID cards. Confused by electric car charging? You’re not alone. The EV market is awash with puzzling acronyms and ways to charge, from public charge points to home trickle...

Using a public charger is the fastest way to charge your electric vehicle (EV), but most of us will prefer the convenience of doing it at home.Image 1 of 41

For most then, charging from home is the best way to keep your EV topped up.  The problem is, charging from a three-pin plug socket is painfully slow and not recommended by electricians. To charge faster and more safely at home, you’ll need to invest in a wallbox.

Wallboxes charge at 3.6kW, 7kW, or 11kW or 22kW (if property has a three-phase supply) per hour, the last of which is around six times as fast as a conventional plug socket. They can be installed outside or inside and provide a dedicated power supply for your electric car. And better still, there’s a £500 Government grant towards their cost and installation.

We’ve rounded up the UK’s current crop of electric cars and ranked them in order of how long they take to charge from a home wallbox to 100%: