What Car? Personal Shopper: best electric car for less than £26,000

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What Car? Personal Shopper: best electric car for less than £26,000

Our choice: buy new

The BMW i3 we recommend as a used car choice is extremely compelling; it's good to drive, has a decent range (plus the added security of that Range Extender petrol engine) and has one of the best infotainment systems you'll find anywhere. It is, however, a bit impractical, and its rear space is marred by its rear-hinged doors, which make getting in and out difficult.

For the best all-rounder, then, the Nissan Leaf is our top choice. Sure, its real-world range is slightly less than that of the rival Renault Zoe, but considering you drive in town most of the time, that shouldn't be an issue. The UK's electric car charging network is growing all the time, too, so you should be able to cover longer distances without much bother. Factor in that impressive saving, and its What Car? Award win, and the Leaf is an irresistible choice.

Our recommendation this time, then, is to buy new.

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