Most (and least) reliable sports cars

Sports cars, coupés and convertibles are often bought as indulgences to enjoy at weekends, but they can be dependable enough to use every day. To help you pick a good one, we reveal the most and...

If you're lucky enough to be able to splash out on a sports car, coupé or convertible, you'll want it to put a smile on your face. Image 1 of 16

The best coupés, convertibles and sports cars are the kinds of machine that deliver years of pleasure. And if you pick a reliable model that simply needs a service each year, it should do just that without costing the Earth to run. However, if you pick one that suffers a strong of costly faults that force it to spend a lots of time in the garage, you might end up wishing you hadn't bought it.

To help you choose the most robust coupé, convertible or sports car, we asked nearly 25,000 car owners to tell us what their vehicles have been like to live with over the past two years. The results are published in the annual What Car? Reliability Survey, conducted in association with MotorEasy.

Our data is based on how frequently cars suffered faults, and for those that did, how much they cost to put right and how long they kept the car off the road. Using this information we've created unique reliability ratings for 248 models from 32 different brands.

Here we're looking exclusively at the results for cars aged up to five years old, and we've rated all the sports cars, coupés and convertibles we were told about. We reveal the 10 with the fewest problems and the five that languished in workshops for longest and racked up the most expensive repair bills.

The 2023 What Car? Reliability Survey is open – tell us about your car here