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3 Nov 2009 08:43 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

In the second-biggest class of all, there's a gulf between the lowest-scoring Nissan Navara and the Land Rover Defender at the top. Defender owners absolutely love their cars, but not all Land Rovers do well the Discovery, reviewed by more than 150 owners, is second from bottom.

The Honda CR-V is the next most-reviewed model in the class, and finishes mid-table with a solid four stars.

The best: Land Rover Defender
Martin Redish
'This vehicle does what it says on the tin no nonsense.

'Don't consider this as you would another car, but as a new and engaging driving experience, with many smiles along the way.'

Alan Flower
'I adore this car. It's very basic, but that's part of its charm there's absolutely nothing superfluous.

'I simply don't have to worry about it. I've filled every square inch of it with trees and shrubs, and the inside was absolutely covered with mud. Yet 10 minutes with a broom and hose had it as good as new!

'There is a downside, though long trips are hard work. I've driven 1000 miles in it this week. Once over 65mph, it's very noisy and harsh.'

Mark Yates
'Here's a machine that gets you from A to B in any weather and over any road conditions: that's it. It's easy to clean (if you feel the need to), it's easy to maintain and is the most versatile vehicle there is: you can adapt it to whatever you desire.

'It also looks at home both on the farm and outside some posh restaurant parked next to a Jag. As for being green, Defenders run forever surely that's better than changing your car every few years?'

The worst: Nissan Navara
David Emery
'I have mixed views on this car. Personally, I like the looks and it drives okay, but I've had major issues with reliability. The sunvisor, seatbelt, seat base, driveshafts and head gasket were replaced under warranty.

'The clutch failed at 23,000 miles, but sadly the car was out of warranty. I've never burnt out a clutch in my life and Nissan should deal with it under warranty. This cost me 1050 to rectify. Thankfully, the vehicle is going in a couple of months.'