The most discounted cars for less than £25,000

Save an average of £4201 with our latest and largest savings on petrol-powered cars, ranging from family SUVs to plush saloons.....

Sales of petrol-powered cars are up by 3.5% in the first six months of 2019 because an increasing number of buyers are moving away from diesels.Image 1 of 21

And while diesel-powered cars still make sense for drivers covering lots of miles, it's engines that sip from the green pump that are getting the majority of your money, with a 61.8% share of the total market.

Naturally, then, if you're looking at a petrol car you'll be wanting to pay the best price possible, and that's where our Target Price discounts come in. Target Price is unique to What Car? and represents the most we think you should pay – it's generated from our team of mystery shoppers, who spend all day talking to dealers and finding out how low they'll go.

Below and over the next few pages, we've collated the biggest Target Price savings on petrol cars, each of which will cost you less than £25,000. If you're interested in buying anything on this list, visit the What Car? website where you'll find all of our best deals.

Editors' note: Images are purely illustrative and do not necessarily reflect mentioned trim levels