CO2 emissions and coming soon...

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CO2 emissions and coming soon...

Overall CO2 impact
Electric cars don't pollute, but they still have an environmental impact, because our electricity is mostly generated from fossil fuels.

Right now, 1kW-hour of power from a 240v socket produces about 0.47kg of CO2. Even so, all seven cars here are far greener than any production petrol or diesel car.

The future is even brighter because, as we get more power from nuclear or renewable sources (sun, wind, tides and so on), the environmental impact of EVs will fall further.

The Government has already promised to build thousands more wind turbines across the UK and up to seven million new solar roof panels.

Coming soon
Nissan Leaf
Nissan's first EV should go on sale in 2011, but the big news is that the company plans to develop an electric car infrastructure as well. So, hopefully, by the time the Leaf goes on sale, you'll never be too far from a charging station.Mini E
You can sign up to lease one of these at Zero
A 90-mile range and an 18k pricetag. It arrives in December 2009.Tesla Model S
Tesla isn't all about sports cars this saloon is due in 2012.