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20 most reliable family SUVs

Medium-sized SUVs have taken over from hatchbacks as the preferred transport for families. We reveal the 20 most dependable so you can pick a plum, not a lemon...

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Family SUVs have taken over from hatchbacks as the preferred form of transport for people who are starting a family, because they're practical, roomy and have child-friendly access via wide-opening rear doors and high seating positions.

Whether you're switching from a small hatchback or a sports car, you'll want your family SUV to be robust and dependable. After all, nobody wants to be stranded at the roadside in a broken-down car with children on board. 

So, to help you pick a peachy model instead of a lemon, we've compiled a list of the 20 most durable family SUVs. We've used data from the annual What Car? Reliability Survey, conducted in association with MotorEasy.

We asked nearly 25,000 car owners to tell us if their car had been faulty in the previous two years, and, if so, how much it had cost to fix and how long it was off the road. We used this information to create unique reliability ratings for 248 car models, from 32 different brands. 

Here, we're looking at the results for the 20 most dependable family SUVs aged up to five years old. 

The 2023 What Car? Reliability Survey is open. Tell us about your car >>