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2022 What Car? Reliability Survey: luxury SUVs

Our exhaustive annual survey rates the dependability of cars aged up to five years old, based on the experiences of nearly 25,000 owners...

Porsche Macan front

Most reliable luxury SUVs 

=1. Porsche Macan (2014-present)

Reliability rating 98.0%

What went wrong? Bodywork 7%, non-engine electrics 3%, engine 2%, Interior trim 2%, suspension 2%

As well as being great to drive and classy inside, the Macan is proving to be generally reliable, with only 13% of the cars we were told about going wrong. All costs were covered by Porsche, and 67% of Macans were back on the road in a day or less. 

Owner’s view “My car has always been fault-free”

=1. Volkswagen Touareg (2018-present)

Volkswagen Touareg front - 19 plate

Reliability rating 98.0%

What went wrong? Bodywork 7%, non-engine electrics 3%, engine 2%, Interior trim 2%, suspension 2%

Owners told us that 12% of Touaregs developed a fault, with issues arising from the interior trim and sat-nav/infotainment system. All repairs were carried out for free and 50% of the faulty cars were fixed within a day. The other half took more than a week to repair. 

3. Mercedes GLE (2015-2019)

Used Mercedes GLE (15-present)

Reliability rating 97.6% 

The GLE isn't the most spacious SUV, but it's proving pretty reliable, with only 7% of cars suffering a fault. All issues were resolved at no cost to the owners, and all cars remained driveable and were repaired in less than a week. The bodywork and engine electrics were the only areas of concern. 

Least reliable luxury SUVs

1. Land Rover Discovery (2017-present)

Land Rover Discovery 2021 front

Reliability rating 70.7%

What went wrong? Bodywork 18%, non-engine electrics 14%, battery 12%, engine electrics 10%, air-con 6%, engine 6%, brakes 4%, fuel system 2%, interior trim 2%, sat-nav 2%, suspension 2%

Reliability isn't a Land Rover strength; all three of the worst performers in this class are from the brand. Faults affected 35% of Discoverys, and while 71% of repairs were carried out free of charge, 5% of cars cost between £1001 and £1500 to put right. Even worse, 47% of cars took more than a week to repair. 

Owner’s view “The thing I like least about my car is the fact that I have to keep taking it back to the dealer to get things fixed"

2. Range Rover (2013-2022)

Range Rover cornering front three quarters

Reliability rating 85.2%

Land Rover's flagship model is also prone to faults. Owners told us that 23% of cars had gone wrong with the most common issues concerning the bodywork, engine and interior trim. Nearly a third of cars were out of action for more than a week. The only saving grace is that Land Rover covered all costs. 

3. Range Rover Sport (2013-2022)

Range Rover Sport front three quarters

Reliability rating 85.6%

Thirty-eight percent of Range Rover Sports had issues, with the list of problem areas including engine and non-engine electrics, sat-nav/infotainment and the engine. The cost of repairs was covered for 86% of owners, but a small percentage paid up to £1500, and a third of cars took more than a week to put right. 

Reliability of luxury SUVs aged up to five years old

Rank Make and model Score
=1. Porsche Macan (2014-present) 98.0%
=1. Volkswagen Touareg (2018-present) 98.0%
3. Mercedes GLE (2015-2019) 97.6%
4. Lexus RX (2016-2022) 96.6%
5. Audi Q7 (2015-present) 95.0%
6. Volvo XC90 (2015-present) 92.6%
7. Range Rover Velar (2017-present) 90.7%
8. BMW X5 (2013-2018) 90.0%
9. Range Rover Sport (2013-2022) 85.6%
10. Range Rover (2013-2022) 85.2%
11. Land Rover Discovery (2017-present) 70.7%