Best and worst electric and hybrid cars for reliability

Electric cars may offer cheap running costs, but they can be expensive to buy and have less range than cars with conventional engines. So they need to be reliable to keep buyers happy...

Nissan Leaf

1. Nissan Leaf

Score 99.7%

2016 Nissan Leaf gets increased 155-mile range with new battery

The original Nissan Leaf is the most dependable electric car on the road. No mechanical issues were reported by owners – only minor bodywork issues that were resolved the same day and fixed for free under warranty.

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The least reliable electric car: Tesla Model S

Score 50.9%

Used Tesla Model S 14-present

Although the Tesla Model S's electric motor is proving reliable, the same can’t be said of its electrical systems or bodywork. Issues reported by owners included bent seat frames, broken door handles and parking sensor failures. Just over half of the cars were out of action for at least a week and some fixes cost more than £1500.

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