Best car brands for reliability (and the ones to avoid)

Some cars rarely end up in a garage between services and others can't stay away. The What Car? Reliability Survey reveals the shining stars of the automotive league and the brands that constantly...

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The least reliable car brands

10. Mini 

What Car? Reliability rating 91.2%

It’s the hatchback and Clubman estate that drag the Mini brand down. The Clubman is the fourth least reliable small car with a rating of 88.1% and the diesel hatchback isn’t far behind with 90.3%. The petrol hatchback, meanwhile, fares a little better with a score of 93.8%.

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9. Porsche 

What Car? Reliability rating 90.9%

Porsche 911

Porsche's cars aren’t the worst for durability, but they’re not the best either, hence the brand's placing fairly close to the middle of our brand chart. The 911 is the third best sports car with a rating of 94.5%, and the Cayman is the third worst with 91.0%. The Macan, meanwhile, sits midway down the family SUV table with a score of 90.1%.  

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8. Peugeot

What Car? Reliability rating 89.4%

Peugeot 2008

In contrast, Peugeot models can be found at the top and towards the bottom of different car class tables. The 208 is the poorest performing small car and the 308 is the worst family car. However, the 3008 is the third best family SUV and the 2008 is the second best small SUV.  

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7. Citroen 

What Car? Reliablity rating 88.1%

Citroën C3 Picasso

This French brand doesn’t have any highly scoring models to pull its score up. The C4 Cactus is the least dependable small SUV with a rating of 82.5%, and the C3 Picasso and C4 Grand Picasso sit at the bottom of the MPV table with 87.8% and 86.2% respectively. 

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6. Mercedes-Benz

What Car? Reliability rating 88.0%

Used Mercedes-Benz B-Class 2012-present

It’s a tale of two halves from Mercedes’ luxury cars: the previous generation E-Class tops the luxury class with 92.4%, while the current E-Class is second from the bottom with 83.5%. The C-Class is the least dependable exec on 83.1% and the B-Class is the most dependable MPV with 95.9%. 

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