Least reliable small cars

Small cars are often bought for new drivers, so buyers could struggle to afford costly repairs. Our latest Reliability Survey reveals the most and least dependable models...

Kia Picanto front cornering - 69 plate

The least reliable small cars

3. Kia Picanto (2017-present)

Reliability rating 88.3%

Although 31% of Picantos went wrong, the most common problems were minor, relating to the battery and non-engine electrical systems. A third of the affected cars took more than a week to put right, but two-thirds of work was done under warranty.

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=1. Dacia Sandero (2013-2020)

Dacia Sandero 2019 front left urban tracking

Reliability rating 85.9%

What went wrong? Bodywork 14%, engine electrics 14%, interior trim 14%, gearbox/clutch 7%, infotainment/sat-nav 7%

Owners told us that 21% of previous generation Sanderos went wrong. Two-thirds of the faulty cars took more than a day to repair, and some owners were faced with bills of up to £750.

Owner's view  "A lot of things have failed, such as the horn and power steering, and my car had starting problems until it was fixed under warranty”

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Suzuki Ignis 2019 front

Reliability rating 85.9%

What went wrong? Gearbox/clutch 13%, infotainment/sat-nav 13%, suspension 13%, non-engine electrics 6%, steering 6%

The Ignis isn’t as bullet-proof as other Suzuki models. A quarter of cars were afflicted by a problem and nearly half lingered in a garage for more than a week.

Owner's view  “Reliability has been very poor and servicing has been relatively expensive”

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