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Most and least reliable executive cars

Executive cars need to be prestigious, refined and well equipped. They'll cover many motorway miles, so they need to be dependable, too. We reveal the most and least reliable models...

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Executive cars are relied on by company car drivers to pound up and down the motorway, and act as family holdalls at the weekend. So, as well providing a plush and practical interior, good mile-munching ability and the latest in-car technology, they need to be robust and not ruin your day with costly and time-consuming breakdowns.

That's where the What Car? Reliability Survey, conducted in association with MotorEasy, can help, because we've asked executive car drivers to tell us just how dependable their cars have been over the past two years.

We surveyed 24,927 people to find out if their cars had suffered any faults, and if so, how long the car was off the road and how much it cost to repair. It's these last two criteria that can make a difference between a car suffering a minor blip or causing major disruption to owners, so we've used them to rate 248 different models from 32 brands.

Here, we count down the 10 most dependable executive cars aged up to five years old, as well as the three least reliable.