Most - and least - reliable family cars

Family cars need to be durable and dependable. Pick one from our top 10 most reliable and it shouldn't let you down...

Family cars have to be able to withstand the rigours of transporting children and all their equipment to all kinds of destinations.Image 1 of 24

And, because being stuck at the roadside with little ones and a broken-down car would be very stressful, family cars really need to be dependable.

That's where the What Car? Reliability Survey can help because it reveals the cars most – and least – likely to suffer costly faults. We asked nearly 13,000 people to tell us about any problems their cars had suffered in the previous 12 months, detailing how long each issue had kept their car off the road and how much it had cost to be fixed. We also asked what area of the car was concerned so we can also share this information with potential buyers. 

By attaching a weighting to each of the owner responses, we've calculated a unique reliability rating for 175 models from 31 brands. The models with the least problems and lowest repair costs achieve the highest scores, and those that spent a week or more in the garage and chalked up large repair bills are rated the lowest. The cars in this round-up are all aged up to five years old.

We’re running the What Car? Reliability Survey again for 2021. Complete it to help us get information on more models. Let's take a look at the latest data: