Porsche - Seat

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Porsche - Seat

17th of 30
Last year's position Not in survey
Cars needing repair work 31%
Average repair cost 838
Star model Boxster ('96-'04)

Porsche has only one model in this year's survey, but with the Boxster proving so popular on the used market, it's a worthy inclusion.

Owning a thoroughbred sports car is rarely cheap, and the Boxster is no exception, especially one with merely average reliability.

It had the highest average repair bill at 838, and one claim was 6600! If things go wrong, you could be seriously out of pocket.

Roughly a quarter of all warranty repairs concerned the Boxster's electrics.


29th of 30
Last year's position 25th of 26
Cars needing repair work 44%
Average repair cost 273
Star model Clio ('91-'98)

Despite Renault being at the bottom of our survey for another year, its cars are, on average, slightly more reliable than last year.

Its strongest model was the ('91-'98) Clio, which suffered 27 claims per 100 cars, but the rest of its range were much further down the table.

For example, the ('00-'07) Laguna suffered 52 claims per 100 cars.

Renaults suffered with electric faults more than most marques.


16th of 30
Last year's position 9th of 26
Cars needing repair work 31%
Average repair cost 305
Star model 25 ('99-'05)

After last year's respectable result, Rover has slipped down the rankings to merely average.

Despite the company having some of the youngest cars in the survey, only one of its models, the ('99-'05) 25, received top reliability marks.

The ('03-'05) Streetwise was rated at four stars out of five, and the ('03-'05) City Rover at three.

Rovers suffered axle, suspension and electrical problems, and there was also a high percentage of engine and heating system issues reported.


25th of 30
Last year's position 21st of 26
Cars needing repair work 39%
Average repair cost 326
Star model 900 ('93-'98)

Saab is moving down the table compared with last year.

The ageing ('93-'98) 900 was the best model, with 22 claims per 100 cars, while its replacement, the ('98-'02) 9-3, suffered badly with 39 claims per 100 cars.

However, the latest ('02-present) 9-3 fares better with 24 claims per 100 cars.

Engine problems are a concern for owners, especially on the most recent 9-3.


26th of 30
Last year's position 23rd of 26
Cars needing repair work 39%
Average repair cost 253
Star model Ibiza ('99-'02)

Another bad result for Seat. Its best model, with a reliability rating of just three out of five, is the ('99-'01) Ibiza, with 28 claims per 100 cars.

Of the Ibizas that failed, more than 40% needed repairs to the electrics. The Alhambra MPV was the least-reliable Seat, with 50 claims per 100 cars.