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25 Jul 2012 23:1 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 0:3

Saab 31st=
Last year's position 32/35
Cars needing repair work 50%
Average repair cost 320
Best model 9-3 Convertible ('02-'12)
Worst model 9-3 ('02-'12)

The 9-3 Convertible remains Saab's best model, but even so it still falls outside the top 10 open-top models. The hatch version of the 9-3 showed a hefty failure rate of 59% and an equally daunting average cost-to-fix of 306. Electrical issues are the most commonly reported Saab faults, at 29% of the total.

Saab is no longer in existence as a car manufacturing company, but the fact that Saab's most recent model, the 9-5, has the marque's best failure rate of 39% bodes reasonably well for owners of the last cars to bear the crowned griffin badge.

Chrysler 31st=
Last year's position 30/35
Cars needing repair work 50%
Average repair cost 412
Best model 9-3 Convertible ('03-'08)
Worst model 9-3 ('01-'08)

Chrysler placed 18th in 2010, 30th last year and it's more bad news in 2012 as it slips another place.

Half of the Chryslers surveyed needed repair work. The cheapest of the brand's cars to fix is the 300C ('05-'12) at an average 272, and the model with the lowest failure rate is the Crossfire at 15%. The one to avoid is the Grand Voyager ('01-'08), with a 61% failure rate and 485 average repair bill.

Renault 33rd=
Last year's position 33/35
Cars needing repair work 52%
Average repair cost 262
Best model Clio ('05-)
Worst model Espace ('02-)

The Renault Scenic ('03-'09) comes fifth in the top 10 MPVs with a low failure rate of 13%, while the Clio ('05-) gets a respectable RI score of 41.

Overall though, Renault's failure rate has increased from 45% in 2011 to 52% in 2012. Its worst model, the Espace ('02-), has an average repair bill of 478. Electrical faults are more common than for any other manufacturer at 38%.

Jeep 33rd=
Last year's position 31/35
Cars needing repair work 52%
Average repair cost 434
Best model Cherokee ('01-'08)
Worst model Grand Cherokee ('99-'05)

Jeep's failure rate has increased from 38% in 2011 to 52% in 2012. Jeeps have an average repair cost of 434, too.

Jeep's worst model, the Grand Cherokee ('99-'05), is the dearest to fix, with a 522 average and a failure rate of 82%. Even the best Jeep, the Cherokee ('01-'08) has an above-average RI score of 125.

Alfa Romeo 35th
Last year's position 34/35
Cars needing repair work 55%
Average repair cost 364
Best model 156 ('97-'06)
Worst model 147 ('01-'09)

Alfa Romeo's 156 has become its most reliable model. That said, its RI score is still only 232 and its failure rate of 62% is worryingly high.

Axle and suspension problems account for over 30% of problems, which is one of the highest across all manufacturers. Average repair costs of 364 are above average.

Land Rover 36th
Last year's position 35/35
Cars needing repair work 71%
Average repair cost 420
Best model Freelander ('06-)
Worst model Range Rover ('02-)

Land Rover has occupied last place for 11 years running. Last year's 55% failure rate has grown to 71%, and the Range Rover ('02-) is the third most unreliable car in the survey with an RI score of 415.

The Freelander ('06-) is still Land Rover's most reliable model, with a 24% failure rate and an unremarkable 96 RI score.

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