The most - and least - reliable electric and hybrid cars

Electric and hybrid cars offer low running costs, but they can be expensive to buy so they need to be dependable to keep owners happy. Which are the most and least reliable?.....

Electric and hybrid cars are still relatively new to the mainstream.Image 1 of 24

This might leave you worrying about whether their technology can be depended on.

Fortunately, we can help answer that. Using feedback from more than 18,000 car owners, we've rated 218 models from 31 brands, based on the number of faults suffered in the previous 12 months, how long each problem kept the car off the road and the cost of any repairs.

Here, we've used that data to name the most and least dependable electric and hybrid cars, aged one to five years old. We start at number 10 and make our way to the most reliable you can buy: