The most reliable SUVs

SUVs are increasingly popular among both new and used car buyers, but you'll want to be sure your next 4x4 isn't going to let you down. Here, we count down the highest scores from our latest Reli...

Kia Soul

1. Kia Soul (2014-2019) 100%

No Kia Soul went wrong for our owners – not a single one. And that's good, since three-quarters of the owners we surveyed said they considered reliability to be the most important thing when buying a new car. This Korean-made small SUV has other attributes going for it as well, including a generous amount of kit, decent boot space and a tasteful interior. If you want an SUV that really won't let you down, the Kia Soul is the one to get – and to that end, there's an all-new version coming soon.

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