The most reliable SUVs

SUVs are increasingly popular among both new and used car buyers, but you'll want to be sure your next 4x4 isn't going to let you down. Here, we count down the highest scores from our latest Reli...

2014 Honda CR-V 2.2 i-DTEC Black review

4. Honda CR-V petrol (2012-2018) 98.7%

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Petrol Honda CR-Vs perform far better than their diesel-engined equivalents, with just 11% experiencing a fault. On petrol-engined cars, none of the faults that did appear concerned the engine, either, and were instead split evenly between the braking systems and the gearbox / clutch. Honda dealers repaired all of these the same day and charged no fees. 

Mini Countryman front - 19 plate

Of the few (5%) Mini Countrymans which did experience issues, the main areas affected were the interior trim and non-engine electrics. All examples remained driveable and all were fixed in less than a week without costing their owners a penny. Other qualities that we like about the Mini Countryman, aside from its reliability, include its keen handling, its spacious boot and its good-quality interior.

Toyota RAV4

It should be no surprise to see Toyota do well here – the Japanese brand has a solid reputation for reliability whether it's building city cars or pick-up trucks, and as our results show, it's well earned. Only 3% of all Toyota RAV4s had a problem, and even then the only area affected was non-engine electrics. As you might expect, all fixes were carried out under warranty and completed in less than a week.

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