New iPhone app helps company car drivers

* App helps keep track of expenses * Claims can be downloaded from phone * Free to download...

New iPhone app helps company car drivers

A new iPhone application (app) has been released to help company car drivers keep track of their expenses and mileage.

The app, developed by new and used car sales firm, RRG Group, is called iClaimit and is designed to allow business users to collate all their mileage and other motoring-related expenses in one location.

Receipts can be photographed and stored along with mileage details, which can then be downloaded in CSV format for submission to accounts teams.

RRG Group marketing manager, Nikki Jolley said: 'It's genuinely exciting for us to launch iClaimit and see its instant success. We wanted to crate an app that added real value for its users, was easy to use and takes away the tedium of claiming expenses. Making it free for everyone made sense as we want as many people as possible to be using it.'

The app can be downloaded for free here.