Next-generation Apple CarPlay infotainment unveiled

You will soon be able to control almost every function in your car via Apple's smartphone mirroring system...

2023 Apple CarPlay

The Apple CarPlay smartphone mirroring system is getting a major overhaul and will soon be able to control functions such as the climate control and driver’s instrument display, as well as additional features on the main infotainment screen.

If your car is fitted with digital instruments, the new system will allow you to customise the display to incorporate information from on-phone apps (for example, Apple Maps for sat-nav) alongside key information about the car (such as your speed and fuel level).

The central infotainment screen will also be more customisable than before, with the ability to show new features such as weather information.

Currently, Apple CarPlay only lets you control functions such as navigation, music services and phone calls via the central infotainment display.

New Apple CarPlay instrument display

The new system could see car makers moving to a fully touchscreen-based infotainment and climate control set-up, ditching physical buttons and dials altogether. This is a concern, because physical controls help to minimise distraction while driving.

Apple CarPlay is available on most new cars – ranging from Audi to Volvo. The tech firm has already confirmed that it’s working with multiple manufacturers to integrate the new system, which is due to arrive late next year.

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